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We are an aluminum trading company based in Meerbusch in North Rhine-Westphalia, about 15 Km north-west of Düsseldorf.

For us, acting successfully means working with passion and perception . Since the company was founded in June 2012 we have been moving steadily in the conscious aluminum trade with these attributes.

Our traders can already look back on more than 30 years of experience. During this time, our principles of loyalty, integrity and reliability proved and are now more
than ever the pillars of our work.

We operate in a demanding global market that is comprised of controlled Company key figures such as sales, profit, profitability, etc.. Nevertheless, the people behind it are the main focus for us. Our guiding principles are always an open exchange and fairness .

We offer our suppliers attractive conditions and various contract models, depending on the quantity. Whether a fixed price or a fixed contract with a flat-rate discount - we cater to your individual needs. Depending on your requirements, we conclude cargo, monthly or annual contracts.

We supply our customers with all types of aluminum scrap - from sheet metal to blocks, from chips to skimmings. Our wide range is completed by deoxidation aluminum for the steel industry. We hold professionally processed, high-quality scrap. The scrap metal then goes to our customers perfectly bundled and processed, either loose, in big bags or as hydraulically pressed packages on pallets, depending on the customer's wishes.

For the processing and manufacturing industry, we work with responsibles to develop specially tailored disposal models. From choosing the right containers to the perfect remuneration model.

In times of growing quality requirements in the manufacturing industry, product knowledge and variety have top priority. That is why we have been using the latest analysis technology for years in order to be able to guarantee our customers precisely this quality promise. In addition to the laser-induced plasma spectroscopy (LIBS) handheld device for "fast" goods inspection, we also have a sample melting furnace and a spectral analyzer with which we can determine the metal content to four decimal places.

Materials that we do not transport directly from A to B are delivered to our warehouse Hohenwalt Recycling in Kelpen-Oler in the Netherlands. We are happy to take over the logistics for you. Here our scrap is processed or hydraulically pressed into packages and palletized. The long-term cooperation with our service warehouse is characterized by extensive know-how in the aluminum sector. This knowledge supports us every day in passing on our quality promise to our customers.

Heinz Jürgen Lupus

Geschäftsführer / Handel

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Mail : info@imt-trading.de

Thomas Hammer

Prokurist / Handel

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Jerome Ostrowski


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Andreas Botson


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Nicole Lupus

Sekretariat / Abwicklung

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Jutta Salzmann

Buchhaltung / Abwicklung

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